1 Gallon Bucket

1 Gallon Bucket


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1 Gallon Buckets are typically used as syrup feeders.

Drill a 49mm hole into the bucket’s lid and insert a plastic Tint Plug. This hole/plug will become your access point to both clean and refill your bucket feeder.
After the hole is drilled and plug inserted, snap on the lid, use a nail or a pick awl to create 3-4 drain holes in the lid. Do not place holes into the tint plug.
Your colony’s cover/lid will need a hole drilled into the top, preferably toward the rear of the colony’s cover, so as not to drown the developing brood while setting the feeder in place.
When you are ready to feed your bees, simply fill the bucket with your syrup mixture, make sure the lid and tint plug is securely in place, and then flip the bucket upside down over the hole in the colony’s cover. Depending on how hungry and strong your bees are, this feeding method may last your bees up to a week.

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