D & J Apiary operates thousands of honey bee colonies. Our bees work hard for us producing honey and pollinating several crops throughout the agricultural industry within the State of Florida and beyond. We must protect the health of our bees as best as we can and as such due to the multiple pests, parasites and diseases that cohabitate with feral honey bees, we are currently not a Live Bee Removal service provider.

However, our inability to provide bee removal services to our community does not mean that we will not help you find assistance with your bee removal needs.

We suggest first checking with your local Beekeeper’s Association. Many Florida local communities have an association that meets on a monthly basis. There are usually a few members in each group that offer live honey bee removal services. Some may provide the service free of charge, others may charge a service fee. Below is a list of Beekeeper Associations that we frequent.

Another option would be to contact a State registered bee removal expert that has been listed on the Florida Department of Agriculture’s website FreshFromFlorida.com . Their bee removal website is linked directly here. You will want to look for a spreadsheet titled Bee Removal or Eradication List. Please note: You must ask these service providers if they perform live removals or not.

For additional information regarding honey bee removal and eradication within the State of Florida please visit the University of Florida Honey Bee Lab’s Bee Removal website at UFHoneyBee.com.